TALENT & TERROIR – a wine range with a different promise

Boland Cellar’s recent 75th birthday marked the launch of its Talent & Terroir wines, a range that highlights the specific terroir ...

Boland Cellar’s recent 75th birthday marked the launch of its Talent & Terroir wines, a range that highlights the specific terroir and advanced viticulture abilities the cellar’s growers have become known for in the greater Paarl area. 

Talent & Terroir pays tribute to two stalwart premium cultivars, namely Shiraz and Chenin Blanc. It also includes the surprisingly eloquent and unexpected Cinsaut Rosé. The range has appropriately been christened ‘Talent & Terroir’.

“When we developed the products, we wanted to create a range that reflects our appreciation for what nature provides and celebrate the natural talents of human folk”, explains Maraleze Knoetze, head of marketing and sales. “The resulting wine is a reflection of a beautiful marriage between the gift of the various terroirs and the talents of our winemakers, hence the name Talent & Terroir.”

“One of our main ethos, ‘Pioneers Of Collaboration’, is reflected in the range and cannot be attributed to only one winemaker”, continues Knoetze. “The entire winemaking and viticulture team at Boland Cellar worked closely with growers to bring the product to life. The team was headed up by Bernard Smuts, Handre Barkhuysen and Johan Joubert.”


When asked about the selection of the cultivars for the range, Ms. Knoetze mentioned that despite the Paarl area being renowned for its brilliant and diverse Chenin Blanc and Shiraz varietal, “Cinsaut is another that does particularly well and we selected this traditional red grape for a unique Rosé.”

“We love the trendy new dryer Rosés with its sublime pinkish colours and delicate, juicy yet crisp taste profiles”, says Knoetze. “Making Rosé from Cinsaut is fairly unexpected in our area, but we were inspired by the grape’s potential and started exploring the possibilities it offered. The resulting wine is a beautifully delicate wine that celebrates a varietal often overlooked. The Chenin Blanc and Shiraz are both amazing wines that are well suited to enjoy on their own or as part of a meal.”


The range: The development for this range started just after the 2015 vintage. The grapes come from the Cape Coastal area with sites predominantly around the greater Paarl area. The range portrays the winemaker’s inspiration found in the differing terroirs of our area and harnessing his personal talent and skills to optimise the characteristics the grape varieties. The gifts of nature are unlocked by understanding the terroir and crafting exceptional varietal wines with each new harvest. In his pursuit of perfection, the winemaker achieves an integrated harmony with nature in a creation he can be proud to call his own.

Talent & Terroir Shiraz
This elegant wine, with its deep ruby colour, shows a light smoky nose with a dash of vanilla and spice. Well-balanced on taste, with fruit-cake complexity and a soft white pepper spiciness carrying through in the lingering, silky aftertaste.
Enjoy with spare ribs or venison.
Talent & Terroir Chenin Blanc
Displaying a light straw colour, this crisp and fresh wine present an inviting aroma of lime and tropical fruit, which is carried through in a smooth mouth-feel and long minerally finish.
Ideal for white meat and seafood dishes.
Talent & Terroir Cinsaut Rosé
This handsome wine displays a lovely salmon hue and an inviting nose with hints of rose petals and cherry fruit. On taste, a delicate balance of fruit and a touch of white pepper spice, with light savouriness and a creamy mouth-feel. Long and clean finish. 
Pair with linefish, gnocchi and white meat dishes.


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