In Search Of South African Malbec Wines: Neethlingshof Estate Range Malbec

Malbec  is now so popular; the grape has its own holiday.  International Malbec Day , which is also known as  #MalbecWorldDay  and its celeb...

Malbec is now so popular; the grape has its own holiday. International Malbec Day, which is also known as #MalbecWorldDay and its celebrated every April 17.

Malbec grapes originated in France and play a big role in the wine production of Argentina. The flavours and aromas of wines made from Malbec grapes include blackberry, cherry, plums, and chocolate. Other characteristics of Malbec wines include inky-black colouring, soft or high tannins, and high acidity. 

Malbec wines aren't as popular as wines made from other red grape varieties, but their popularity is growing as wine drinkers seek out new and different wine experiences.

Malbec is also cultivated in South Africa.  Although most of the wine makers use it in a blend or a Bordeaux-style blend, there are also wine estates that make a 100% malbec.

With Malbec World Day in mind, WineTourismZA went Malbec-hunting in the Cape Winelands and found the following vineyards that produce Malbec wine:

Neethlingshof Wine Estate (Stellenbosch)

Neethlingshof Estate Range Malbec 

Ongezwa Magwaca at the Estate’s CellarDoor introduced me to their 2016 Estate Range Malbec.

Neethlingshof Estate Range Malbec is a delicious dark ruby wine with floral and violet fragrance interwoven with oak, spice and dark chocolate. A rich and full palate with plum and berry flavours.

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More South African wineries where WineTourismZA found malbec wine.

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