Add a Nutritional Kick to 2018 with Boschendal at Oude Bank’s ‘Better Eating’ Tips

As we swiftly move into 2018, many are often reminded of their self-made promises, expectations and commitments for the year. And while New...

As we swiftly move into 2018, many are often reminded of their self-made promises, expectations and commitments for the year. And while New Year’s resolutions may seem blasé to some, others’ good intentions may already have gone well of track. Yet, there remains much value in seeing each new year as an opportunity to ‘re-boot’, especially nutritionally.

Boschendal At Oude Bank Carrot Juice
Jessica Holloway, Boschendal at Oude Bank’s junior sous chef, is one of those food professionals who loves giving people a nudge in the right direction with wholesome, ‘better eating’ tips that are practical, and which won’t break the bank.

Boschendal at Oude Bank, a bakery, bistro and farm shop in Stellenbosch, is invested in providing the public with sustainably sourced food that is naturally produced using ethical farming principles. The farm shop opened its doors last year to bring fresh, carefully selected items to locals and visitors from the historic Boschendal Farm in Franschhoek.

Jessica shares the Oude Bank team’s ethical food production ethos. Her dedication to developing wholesome recipes that cater for the entire family, adds to the shop's philosophy of supplying ‘real’ food that delivers on flavour and nutrition.

“People can sometimes forget what ‘wholesome’ can mean,” says Jessica. “To me, it means more than adding much-needed nutrients to your body. You should also savour every bite, and feel good about what you have put into your body. Eating fast (junk) food may be similarly satisfying, but often results in regret.”

An easy, nutritional option to kick-start your day - an alternative straight from the shop’s à la carte menu - is the farm’s carrot, ginger and pineapple juice. According to Jessica, the juice is an ideal ‘better eating’ alternative due to its ample seasonal fruits packed with vitamins and trace elements to replenish the body.

If you’re looking for innovative and hassle-free ideas to add a ‘better eating’ routine to your day, Jessica has the following recommendations to help you gear steadily into the habit without the fuss:
Boschendal at Oude Bank junior sous chef, Jessica Holloway 
Your number one pantry essential: Stock up on mixed toasted seeds. “It’s a great accompaniment to granola bowls, salads and cooked food,” says Jessica. In addition to adding to your daily requirements of fatty and amino acids, it adds a pleasing texture to your meal. It also adds an extra cozy layer to summery, ‘thin’ dishes.

Snack smart: “Cheese doesn’t get enough credit,” admits Jessica. A slice or bite-size block can compensate for a protein and calcium-rich snack. It’s a quick fix that adds to a feeling of satiety and is likely to withhold you from reaching for a sugary treat.

Keep it fresh: Swop over-refined, packaged food for fresh, raw items that are quick to prepare (e.g. chopping, steaming). Make it easily accessible from your kitchen cupboards and fridge so it’s quick to add to your lunch box, or pick on when lounging around at home. Stock up on bite/pocket-sized produce such as boiled eggs, raw unsalted nuts and berries.

Baby steps: Don’t try over exceeding your own expectations by doing too much too soon. Allow yourself to gradually start following a balanced, naturally wholesome eating routine by swopping out heavy carbohydrates or sugar-laden items with unprocessed, fresh items one week at a time.

Tight budget? Don’t let healthy eating prices scare you. In today’s economy, it’s seldom that groceries become more affordable. But, more nutritious, costly products can help ward off unnecessary cravings that usually result in buying a large number of cheap, empty-kilojoule products. This will likely cancel out your budget strategy anyway. Rather invest time in researching foods that match your ‘better eating’ goals, and try keeping with a regular checklist of items.

Boschendal at Oude Bank, located a mere hour’s drive from Cape Town, promises a ‘more than ordinary’ retail and ‘farm-to-table’ dining experience, plus a range of offerings at different counters stationed inside the building. Visitors can browse straight-from-the-oven home-baked breads and patisserie, 100 percent grass-fed, age-dried red meat, free range eggs and grainfed poultry, vegetables and fruit from the Farm’s organic gardens, delicious wines and more. All items available from the shop’s retail section are sourced from Boschendal Farm and local suppliers.

The shop is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, as well as on Friday and Saturday evenings.

For store enquiries, contact 021 870 4287 or follow @boschendalatoudebank on Facebook and Instagram.

Carrot, ginger and pineapple juice:
Boschendal at Oude Bank recipe, courtesy of Jessica Holloway, junior sous chef

Serves 10 people or 10 x 250 ml glasses of juice

1 x medium to large pineapple
8 x large green apples
25g peeled ginger
1kg large carrots

Blend all ingredients in juicer. Cool and serve.

Pictures: SUPPLIED 

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