Boland Cellar’s Top 2 wines of 2020!

Boland Cellar's Top 2 most awarded Reserve Range & One Formation wines One Formation White Blend 2020 (2020 Awards: Veritas Gold, Pl...

Boland Cellar's Top 2 most awarded Reserve Range & One Formation wines

One Formation White Blend 2020 (2020 Awards: Veritas Gold, Platter’s 4 stars & Akura Trophy - Paarl Young Wine Show) 

The Chenin Blanc grapes sourced for this wine are from vineyards mainly grown in shaledominated soils, with a proportion situated in the granite soils of Paarl’s Drakenstein area. The Sauvignon Blanc is selected from Lutzville, situated close to the West Coast. The Grenache Blanc grapes are sourced from the shale soils on the slopes of the Paardeberg Mountain where it performs exceptionally well in these ideal conditions. 

The winemaking was managed reductively and the small, carefully selected batches of different varieties were separately fermented and vinified. The Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache Blanc underwent brief wood maturation in older small French barrels for three months in order to add complexity to the blend. The final blend was left on the lees for a further two months with regular batonnage before bottling, resulting in a rich, full wine with both structure and elegance. 

This gently wooded wine shows layers of green apple with kiwi fruit aromas. Ripe pear and melon flavours as well as green pepper notes are evident on the balanced palate, followed by a gently lingering finish. The old bush-vines of the Chenin Blanc yield ripe, creamy stone fruit flavours which are complemented by the crisp green fruit of the Sauvignon Blanc. The addition of Grenache Blanc in this blend provides richness and texture with ripe pear flavours. Finely flavoured dishes of seafood and poultry will complement this unique blended wine.

One Formation Range: This favoured stalwart range is reclothed with beautifully and innovatively designed labels that reflect the change of seasons through the V formation of a flock of birds in flight. This universally documented concept of migratory birds flying in formation to create less wind resistance to conserve energy is in Boland’s case a true reflection of symbolising working ‘Together in Collaboration’ for the benefit of all. The range consists of a White Blend (Chenin/Sauvignon/Grenache), a Red Blend (Shiraz/Grenache/Viognier), a Chenin Blanc, a Shiraz and a Grenache Noir. 

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Reserve Merlot 2018 (2020 Awards: Platter’s 4 stars, Veritas Silver) 

Handpicked grapes are sourced from two prominent Merlot vineyard sites – one is a bush-vine and dryland vineyard near the town of Malmesbury with Oakleaf soils which are rich in clay and shale; and the other between Paarl and Paardeberg, where the soils are deep Red Oakleaf and Duplex. These soils offer good water retention, rich nutrients and enable a deep root system which is ideal for vine health and promoting a balanced wine structure. The vines are mostly north-facing with an average age of 15 years with optimal yields of about 11 tons per hectare, thereby ensuring the vines are in a balanced state. 

The handpicked grapes are picked at about 24° Balling, followed by destemming and coldsoaking for three days. The fermenting wine underwent pump-overs and after primary fermentation, malolactic fermentation took place in mostly second-filled barrels with a portion in new barrels. This richly structured and concentrated Merlot was further matured in 300-litre French oak barrels for 16 months to gain complexity and flavour. A small portion of 20% of the wine was not matured in wood in order to enhance the final blend with the ripe primary fruit flavours. 

This finely crafted wine expresses concentrated yet ripe Merlot flavours of red cherries, youngberries, plums and red berries. Layers of oak spice and wood shavings are integrated with savoury and tomato notes mingling together with a long and lingering finish. A firmly structured and full-bodied wine which will benefit from careful ageing and will complement grilled sirloin and rump steaks to perfection. 

Reserve Range: At the top of Boland’s wine brand hierarchy is their renowned and much-celebrated Reserve wines consisting of carefully selected prime, single classical cultivars – including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Chenin Blanc Sur Lie – all with exquisitely simple and royal-like crafted labels. The conservative, classic approach positions The Reserve range, as one worthy of the recognition of a serious and quality producer through specific design cues. The focus is purely on the stage name RESERVE, the wine making method and varietal. The pattern detail on the capsule (and also on the label) illustrates the ‘Together in Collaboration’ positioning of Boland Cellar – an intricate construction of interlocking circles, working together to form a unit. A bold statement in an unassuming way. 

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