Jackal's Dance Sauvignon Blanc Joins Neethlingshof's Short Story Collection

An exciting new chapter has been added to the acclaimed Short Story Collection from Stellenbosch estate Neethlingshof, with the long-awaite...

An exciting new chapter has been added to the acclaimed Short Story Collection from Stellenbosch estate Neethlingshof, with the long-awaited release of its single-vineyard Sauvignon Blanc.

Jackal’s Dance Sauvignon Blanc is the fifth wine in the estate’s Short Story Collection; a portfolio of premium releases that pay tribute to the rich history of Neethlingshof.

Grapes for the Jackal’s Dance are sourced from a certified single vineyard planted on the estate 20 years ago; the unique terroir of the three-hectare site contributing to the wine’s delicious blend of minerality and tropical fruit.

With the vines planted up to 180 metres above sea level, “it’s a vineyard situated high up on the farm,” says De Wet Viljoen, winemaker at Neethlingshof. “The vines face False Bay, so it enjoys the cooling effect of the south-westerly winds blowing in off the Atlantic Ocean. In the heat of summer the winds cool down the vineyard, which contributes to the character of the wine. We decided on that specific vineyard for Jackal’s Dance because of the consistent quality that we get year after year. ”

While the ever-humble Viljoen is quick to credit the vineyard, attention-to-detail during harvest and vinification is crucial to the unique character of this exciting new release.

Grapes are hand-harvested in the cool of the early-morning, then chilled for 24 hours to preserve the delicate fruit notes of this 100-percent Sauvignon Blanc. During pressing the juice is given up to six hours of skin contact, with all efforts focused on retaining the bright, fresh character of the fruit.

“In the cellar our focus is purely on the preservation of flavour,” says Viljoen.

And although Jackal’s Dance Sauvignon Blanc is entirely unwooded, after fermentation the wine is kept on the lees, with b√Ętonnage every three weeks.

“This contributes to the flavour extraction in the wine,” explains Viljoen, winemaker at Neethlingshof for the past 14 vintages.

In the glass, Jackal’s Dance offers up delicate aromas of green pepper, figs and ripe gooseberries, underpinned by a luscious palate of tropical notes and “a crisp minerality that will contribute to longevity of this wine,” adds Viljoen. “The 2017 vintage is quite shy at first, so I’d recommend that the wine breathes for an hour or so before pouring.”

The combination of palate weight and freshness make it an ideal wine to pair with summer fare; perhaps a platter of seared tuna or salmon, drizzled with olive oil and served with a fresh garden salad.

“It’s a wine that will pair beautifully with both fish and oysters; anything with a bit of fattiness to it,” explains Viljoen. “It’s a perfect summer wine, ideal for enjoying at this hot time of year.”

And as you raise a glass, take a moment to consider the centuries of history that came before this brand-new addition to the portfolio.

When the land was first settled in 1692, farmer Willem Barend Lubbe mistakenly identified a pack of indigenous jackals for the wolves of his homeland, and named the property De Wolvendans. It’s a name that would stand for more than a century, and it was only when Johannes Henoch Neethling bought the property in the late-1820s that the farm’s name was changed to Neethlingshof.

While Jackal’s Dance pays tribute to those early years, centuries later the shy Cape Fox is still to be found roaming the farm. It’s a testament to the sustainable viticulture and ongoing conservation work that is also commemorated in two other members of the Short Story Collection: the Owl Post Pinotage and Bordeaux-style red-blend The Caracal. Of the estate’s 376 hectares just 150 hectares are planted, setting aside 28 hectares for conservation, with wilderness corridors and ecologically sensitive viticulture ensuring those jackals are free to dance for many years to come.

The Jackal’s Dance Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is available from the Neethlingshof Tasting Room at R100.00 per bottle.

For more information on Neethlingshof’s wine ranges and other offerings, visit www.neethlingshof.co.za. Stay up to date with the latest events on the estate by visiting Neethlingshof on Twitter @NeethlingshofW and Facebook @Neethlingshof.


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